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J Moreira325-74-51-4422.8%
Z Purton258-44-37-2617.1%
B Prebble216-23-24-2810.6%
N Callan245-23-20-219.4%
N Rawiller144-23-14-1516.0%
D Whyte195-20-13-1410.3%
S Clipperton233-18-15-127.7%
K Teetan252-14-21-195.6%
C Schofield195-14-19-177.2%
S de Sousa157-10-17-166.4%
K C Leung2179-10-11-75.6%
C Y Ho2216-7-9-163.2%
O Doleuze178-6-14-213.4%
M Chadwick167-6-10-123.6%
M L Yeung2162-6-7-83.7%
C Williams36-5-5-513.9%
H W Lai182-4-5-72.2%
O Murphy117-4-4-53.4%
T H So2139-3-7-42.2%
H Bowman---%
A Badel73-2-6-52.7%
D Lane22-2-3-09.1%
R Moore---%
O Bosson70-1-3-61.4%
K C Ng567-1-1-21.5%
K Tosaki---%
M Guyon---%
M Demuro---%
M Barzalona---%
F Geroux---%
U Rispoli11-0-1-10%
Y T Cheng27-0-1-10%
C Soumillon---%
G Mosse---%
P Smullen---%
N Juglall22-0-0-10%
B Melham---%
B Vorster---%
D O'Brien---%
G Lee---%
P-C Boudot---%
R Myers---%
Y Iwata---%
Y Kawada---%
L Corrales---%
S Pasquier---%
T Clark---%
Y Take---%
G Lerena---%
T Berry---%
K K Chiong5208-15-18-117.2%
H N Wong7104-6-4-115.8%
H T Mo1077-1-6-51.3%
J Moreira
Total runs1st2nd3rdStrike Rate
Previous Season66416810510125.3%
Current Season32574514422.8%
Last 303095330.0%
Sha Tin (22.1.17)
1 - 10 Vital SpringJ Size126
2 - 1 Right CallJ Size133
3 - 3 Plain Blue BannerD E Ferraris129
4 - 3 High VolatilityK W Lui131
5 - 8 Infinity EndeavourJ Size126
6 - 6 Super WiseC H Yip125
7 - 14 DinozzoJ Size114
8 - 2 Clever BeaverA S Cruz132
9 - 1 Rapper DragonJ Moore126
10 - 5 House Of FunJ Size129
Most Recent 20 Runs
Jockey's most recent 20 runs

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