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S B'tschiger259-30-27-3211.6%
DL Freedman193-28-28-3114.5%
D Meagher255-28-24-2311.0%
M Clements155-28-10-1718.1%
M Walker324-27-29-298.3%
S Burridge210-23-15-2311.0%
HW Tan237-21-21-148.9%
L Khoo215-20-22-169.3%
R Le Grange211-19-33-259.0%
C Brown174-17-23-169.8%
J Peters187-17-14-149.1%
H Takaoka182-15-9-138.2%
S Gray206-14-23-206.8%
D Koh177-13-13-157.3%
J Saimee165-13-9-157.9%
KY Young159-13-8-138.2%
CT Kuah170-12-19-137.1%
D Kok151-10-12-136.6%
L Dragon146-10-12-56.8%
D Hill119-7-10-185.9%
J O'Hara122-7-9-65.7%
ZL Mok90-7-7-77.8%
M Yusof102-7-7-46.9%
KS Tan74-6-8-78.1%
T Kieser66-6-3-59.1%
RB Marsh121-4-7-83.3%
D Logan14-2-2-014.3%
HK Tan24-0-0-10.0%
HK Tan
Trainer's details, performance, outstanding partnerships & trackwork

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