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R Lines792-66-76-768.3%
F Maynard410-57-47-4813.9%
S Hamilton456-44-38-439.6%
K Coetzee260-34-16-2813.1%
PS Kumaran323-25-32-287.7%
PK Leong276-24-22-258.7%
L Moy245-23-21-239.4%
A Scott184-23-20-2312.5%
C Leck206-22-19-910.7%
CW Robert197-22-18-1811.2%
S Cook124-20-10-1616.1%
WC Lim237-18-24-177.6%
BT Lim305-18-16-185.9%
EV B'kelen183-17-22-219.3%
B Ng210-15-13-137.1%
KL Chong105-15-13-714.3%
S Dunderdale83-14-4-816.9%
KF Wong138-13-17-119.4%
P Lee136-11-13-98.1%
LN Danis100-10-10-910.0%
N Azman169-9-18-145.3%
J Tan198-9-13-214.5%
T Asogan73-6-12-58.2%
R Jensen52-5-5-59.6%
S Shanmugam49-4-3-68.2%
MP Thwaites51-3-7-75.9%
SB Tan100-2-8-82.0%
M Sukri61-2-6-63.3%
KP Hoy51-2-4-83.9%
SY Lim20-2-3-210.0%
HS Lim56-2-1-23.6%
I Ismadi47-1-6-52.1%
E Seet29-1-1-13.4%
D Murphy1-0-1-00.0%
R Lines
Trainer's details, performance, outstanding partnerships & trackwork

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