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J Size206-35-26-2317.0%
J Moore219-31-24-2014.2%
C Fownes272-30-19-2111.0%
W Y So242-29-23-2112.0%
A S Cruz246-25-22-2810.2%
P F Yiu202-25-21-2112.4%
C S Shum235-24-18-1910.2%
D E Ferraris193-17-21-208.8%
Y S Tsui250-16-14-286.4%
L Ho174-16-10-69.2%
A T Millard199-14-11-157.0%
P O'Sullivan196-13-18-236.6%
C H Yip248-12-15-124.8%
T P Yung195-11-18-125.6%
D J Hall158-10-16-146.3%
K W Lui160-8-14-105.0%
A Lee179-7-13-93.9%
C W Chang164-7-8-104.3%
K L Man204-6-15-92.9%
T K Ng123-6-5-24.9%
D Cruz154-3-13-121.9%
R Gibson134-3-6-142.2%
N Hori3-2-0-066.7%
A P O'Brien2-0-1-00.0%
H Fujiwara1-0-0-10.0%
de Royer Dupre1-0-0-10.0%
A Bull1-0-0-00.0%
A Fabre1-0-0-00.0%
F Rohaut1-0-0-00.0%
G Portelli1-0-0-00.0%
G W Moore1-0-0-00.0%
J Lau1-0-0-00.0%
K Fujioka1-0-0-00.0%
K Yoshimura1-0-0-00.0%
M L W Bell1-0-0-00.0%
M Saito1-0-0-00.0%
M Sakaguchi1-0-0-00.0%
P B Shaw1-0-0-00.0%
P Bary1-0-0-00.0%
R Fahey1-0-0-00.0%
R Okubo1-0-0-00.0%
T Ozeki1-0-0-00.0%
T Tanaka1-0-0-00.0%
Y Ikee2-0-0-00.0%
J Size
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