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F Maynard85-12-11-1014.1%
R Lines148-11-11-167.4%
L Moy60-9-5-1015.0%
C Leck68-8-10-511.8%
S Hamilton56-6-4-410.7%
S Cook21-5-4-223.8%
SY Lim43-5-1-211.6%
PS Kumaran51-4-8-27.8%
BT Lim72-4-4-25.6%
B Ng47-4-2-68.5%
KF Wong21-4-2-119.0%
P Lee31-4-1-112.9%
HS Lim24-4-0-116.7%
N Azman41-3-6-77.3%
LN Danis42-2-3-24.8%
EV B'kelen25-2-2-58.0%
WC Lim36-2-2-45.6%
T Asogan26-2-1-57.7%
SB Tan26-2-1-27.7%
S Dunderdale27-2-0-17.4%
K Coetzee48-1-9-42.1%
PK Leong43-1-6-32.3%
J Tan20-1-4-05.0%
CW Robert29-1-2-53.4%
M Sukri28-1-2-03.6%
I Ismadi6-1-1-016.7%
KL Chong17-1-0-15.9%
S Shanmugam10-1-0-010.0%
MP Thwaites16-0-1-20.0%
KP Hoy2-0-1-00.0%
F Maynard
Trainer's details, performance, outstanding partnerships & trackwork

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