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03.03.12 Macau  R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 
2:00pm Race 1   Cl 5THE COSTAHK$190,000Turf1200m
[257]R'-1-2-3AGEDR.JOCKEYR'-1-2-3RAT'GWT H'CAP (kg)H'WTTRAINERStrike%
1547662 Power Tycoon12-1-2-0   3-a-g[ 8]H Lam -220-1-1-240+2131+6(59.42)986wGW Moore8.6%
2670004 Tender Hug9-0-0-1   6-a-g[ 6]C Perkins -104-0-1-140131+4(59.42)11413S Chow13%
3320600 Lucky Five Stars34-2-4-6   5-nz-g[ 3]M Cangas -820-0-1-138-2129+2(58.51)1056wPat Lee3.3%
4070520 Order Of Battle13-0-3-0   4-nz-g[12]M Nunes20-3-3-438129-1(58.51)11002G Allendorf6.1%
5997921 Overcome Challenge20-2-2-0   5-a-g[ 2]WT Pao -220-2-1-238+8129-1(58.51)1146wYC Fung15.6%
6805269 Dark Forecast17-1-1-0   7-am-g[ 5]YM Choi -101-0-0-037-2128+12(58.06)1151wP Busuttin/YT Lam0%
708 Ka Wing Fortune2-0-0-0   3-a-g[14]N Cunha11-0-0-136-2127+7(57.61)GW Moore8.6%
8507331 Okikoki54-6-1-3   8-e-g[ 9]L Corrales -220-2-2-536+6127+3(57.61)1059wP Leyshan8.1%
9000800 Moon Flower6-0-0-0   4-nz-g[ 1]KW Leong -220-0-2-035-2126-5(57.15)S Chow13%
10004746 Handsome Run24-2-0-1   5-nz-g[11]T Pereira20-0-1-034-2125+2(56.7)1062wP Busuttin/YT Lam0%
11096625 Sunshine Fate41-3-5-4   5-a-g[13]J Lermyte20-3-2-134125+2(56.7)1057wKC Hoi17.5%
12880920 Hostwin Rainbow39-2-3-4   6-a-g[ 4]CF Wong -520-1-2-233124+2(56.25)1039wKC Chong6%
13375851 Spectacular Dream23-3-1-1   4-a-g[10]G Gibbons5-0-1-133+8124-4(56.25)999wMC Tam5.1%
14009007 Show My Heart13-0-0-1   4-a-g[ 7]KH Yu -520-3-1-123-2114-14(51.71)10233V Chong19.2%
EA470706 Special Agent117-9-13-19   9-nz-g[ ]37-2128(58.06)1197wPat Lee3.3%
800003 Luen Yat Century7-0-0-1   4-nz-g[ ]34125+2(56.7)10253PC Choi16.7%
084363 Smart Brother33-1-0-8   7-a-g[ ]28119-12(53.98)1220wKW Chan3%
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13 Spectacular Dream

11 Sunshine Fate

1 Power Tycoon

5 Overcome Challenge

HORSES Raced fpos/fld Trackwork Raced fpos/fld This Week's Trackwork
  21.02.12 22.02.12 23.02.12 24.02.12 25.02.12 26.02.12 MonTueWedThu
Power Tycoon2/14TTT58.5 H Lam
Tender Hug4/14TTTTTTT54.2 C Perkins
Lucky Five Stars13/14TT
Order Of BattleT M CangasTBTT M CangasT M Cangas59.4 M Nunes
Overcome Challenge1/13T WT PaoT57.7 WT PaoT WT PaoT WT Pao58.4 WT Pao
Dark ForecastTT YM ChoiT YM ChoiT YM ChoiT53.1
Ka Wing FortuneB N CunhaT N CunhaT N CunhaT54.5 N Cunha
Okikoki1/14TTT26.7 L Corrales
Moon Flower12/14TTT1-04.5
Handsome Run6/14TTTT
Sunshine FateTTTTTT
Hostwin RainbowTTTTTTTT
Spectacular Dream1/14TT27.4TTT
Show My Heart7/14T B Yamzon
Special AgentTT1-05.1 J LermyteTT
Luen Yat CenturyB T PereiraTT25.7 M NunesTTT
Smart Brother3/14TT
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