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09.06.13 Macau  R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 
4:05pm Race 5   Group 2[STAR RIVER . WINDSOR ARCH] SAND SPECIALIST STAKESHK$700,000sand1600m
[360]R'-1-2-3AGEDR.JOCKEYR'-1-2-3RAT'GWT H'CAP (kg)H'WTTRAINERStrike%
1112111 Elderly Paradise20-13-2-0   5-a-g[14]A Calder20-3-2-1130+1130(58.97)1104wMC Tam5.5%
2051827 Luen Yat Everwin24-7-1-1   5-a-g[13]YM Choi20-2-4-1104-2115-15(52.16)1146wPC Choi12.5%
30542 Brother Francis4-0-1-0   4-am-h[ 9]F Durso20-2-3-5103+1115+1(52.16)10352GW Moore15.9%
4690970 Living Pegasus41-8-4-6   7-a-g[ 2]KH Yu20-1-1-197-2115+1(52.16)1077wP Leyshan2.7%
5211634 Wonder Mossman6-2-1-1   4-a-g[ 5]L Jurado20-1-0-291115-11(52.16)1240wKC Chong10%
6067334 Beautiful Sunday12-3-0-3   5-am-m[ 4]KM Chin20-1-0-288115+1(52.16)1063wGW Moore15.9%
7347229 Fantasticprivilege47-8-7-3   5-nz-g[ 7]KW Leong20-3-1-088-1115+1(52.16)1129wV Chong9.1%
8834553 Power Regimental20-2-3-4   5-ir-g[ 8]R Silvera3-0-0-088+2115+1(52.16)1079wKS Ho0%
9280878 Wonderful Tiger31-3-8-2   6-nz-g[12]W Smith20-2-2-088-1115+1(52.16)1122wG Allendorf9.9%
10126132 Luenyat Blackberry16-4-3-3   4-a-g[ 1]C Perkins20-4-4-187+3115-11(52.16)1051wPC Choi12.5%
11115380 The Drunk Bird12-3-1-3   4-a-g[10]M Cangas20-1-2-287-1115-11(52.16)1177wKC Wong23.8%
12745813 My Dark Chocolate69-8-10-7   7-a-g[ 3]H Lam20-0-1-085+3115(52.16)1034wGW Moore15.9%
13721 Depot Beach3-1-1-0   4-a-g[11]R Stewart2-1-0-181+11115-11(52.16)1231wJ Lau13%
14852218 Irish Pearl9-1-2-0   6-nz-g[ 6]B Yamzon20-0-2-065115-11(52.16)1067wKC Wong23.8%
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No freelance and apprentice jockey allowances may be claimed

*1 Elderly Paradise

3 Brother Francis

5 Wonder Mossman

6 Beautiful Sunday

HORSES Raced fpos/fld Trackwork Raced fpos/fld This Week's Trackwork
  28.05.13 29.05.13 30.05.13 31.05.13 01.06.13 02.06.13 MonTueWedThu
Elderly ParadiseB A CalderTTT51.7 A CalderT
Luen Yat EverwinTT26.1 YM ChoiTT
Brother Francis2/13T F DursoT57.4 F DursoT24.5 F Durso
Living Pegasus13/13T54.951.0 W SmithT
Wonder Mossman27.2TB Lei Kin MengTT28.1 L Jurado
Beautiful Sunday4/13T58.9TTT KM Chin26.9 KM Chin
Fantasticprivilege9/13T KW LeongT51.5 KW Leong
Power Regimental3/13T R SilveraT R SilveraT R SilveraTTT R Silvera58.0 R Silvera
Wonderful Tiger8/13TT52.5T49.9 W SmithT
Luenyat BlackberryTTB C PerkinsTT
The Drunk BirdT1-02.4 R SilveraB M CangasTTT M Cangas
My Dark Chocolate54.5 F DursoT F DursoT51.0 F DursoTT50.4 F DursoT
Depot Beach29.9 R StewartTT R Stewart51.7 R StewartT R StewartT R Stewart
Irish PearlT54.9TT8/10T
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